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After 29 days of deadly clashes, Armenian-Azerbaijan yet again heading their steps towards establishing a ceasefire. This time superpower America has put the country to give their consent on a ceasefire, in a 3 party joint statement America, Azerbaijan and Armenia it is disclosed that ceasefire on the claws of earlier consent of 10th October made in Russia will take place.

Both countries have agreed to implement a ceasefire from midnight. First US Secretary of State Mike Pompeyo and then President Donald Trump gave this information on Twitter. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has informed that the two countries have agreed to a ceasefire. In fact, the US facilitated in-depth talks with the Foreign Minister of Armenia and Azerbaijan and the OSCE Minsk Group. 

President of America Donald Trump, who led a ceasefire between the two countries, also expressed the hope of saving many lives from the ceasefire. Trump congratulated Armenian Prime Minister Nicholas Pashinyan and Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev on the ceasefire. He said that this will save many lives.

The credibility of the consent and Turkish intentions-

Since a similar affirmation prior on behalf of Russia has also been made between both the countries but that will not last even for 10 minutes thus there are fewer chances of credibility because the countries like Turkey are in no intention to establish peace in the region by supporting and provoking them to escalate the tensions for his own ill motives to emerge as a leader of a separate group of Islamic countries by inclining towards the country of his interest and pretend to be a leader of them. For this he is continuously sending his arms and ammunition and also the men power to support Azerbaijan, it has also consented to send his Army whenever it is required thus to pacify the matter countries like Turkey should have to be kept in mind and have to abide under some norms to bring some concreteness in the ceasefire.

Armenia Azerbaijan war ceasefire

Why is America coming as a mediator-

Since it is the strongest country in the world that is why it is his duty to maintain peace and tranquillity among the different states whosoever are messed among each other with their separate concerns but besides this, as to everyone’s knowledge, the US presidential election which is to be held in next month is the reason to emerge as a mediator. The US has also acted as the agent to make the Arabic country UAE and Bahrain and the African state Sudan recognize the existence of Israel within a span of 2 months.

It is also to be noted that it had given equal chance to other powers like Russia and the powerful European States to act as a mediator between both the states but at the end when nothing worked he himself jumped into the matter to pacify the issues thus hence it is to be looked with that how powerful negotiator the superpower America is, to bring a credible ceasefire between two states of repelling ideologies.

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