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In the rage of continuously increasing rape cases in the country a number of Bangladeshi youngsters were protesting to challenge the penalties on committing rape. Thus seeking this need to take hard actions Bangladesh government in a welcoming move announced for death penalty yo the accused.

Why the law passed?

Recently an outpouring of national anger was sparked by a video of a group of men stripping and attacking a woman for almost half an hour in the southeastern district of Noakhali.

The Bangladeshi National Human Rights Commission, found the woman in the video had been raped repeatedly and terrorised with weapons by one of the group over the last year.

Thus, Bangladesh’s cabinet on Monday approved the death penalty for rapists amid nationwide protests in the wake of a series of gang rapes and sexual assaults.

According to human rights group Ain-o-Salish Kendra, Bangladesh has seen a surge of sexual crimes in recent years, with nearly 1,000 incidents reported between January and September, more than a fifth of them gang rapes.

Bangladeshi Law Minister Anisul Huq told Reuters, The cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, approved the proposal to make the death penalty the highest punishment for rape. 

He added, The law needed to be amended quickly…(Cabinet) has decided an ordinance will be promulgated tomorrow, with the approval of the president, as the parliament is not holding sessions currently.

Why India is unable to do the same?

Similar to Bangladesh huge protests are also going in its neighbour state India, here also the series of rapes has raked several concerns about women safety. Now even after the surge in rape cases the largest democracy of the world is unable to take a similar action in the country.

The reason for such a non proactive instance can be very clearly understood by a minimal research. As per the Indian penal code (IPC’s) section 509, “Whosoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any words, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman”. This IPC is enough to destroy anyone’s life.

Now coming to analyze what is happening in India with this IPC, here in India people are very expert to use such laws for their selfish motives which were actually made for mankind & justice of its citizens. This IPC clearly depicts that any report made by women against men even on uttering a bad comment or acting in a non gentlemenly way, whether it be fake or genuine the man has to be directly sentenced till everything will becomes crystal clear. 

Now here comes another aspect of this procedure in between all these allegations even if they do not have a strong base, the political lobby look into the matter and justify wether it will going to benefit them politically or not and if so, then they’ll provoke people who blindly follow them & their ideologies rake questions against the code of conduct of government. 

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