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 In the midst of recent clashes at the Indian borders, China is also heading his steps in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean region as well. However, this existence of China in the Indian Ocean region is not new. Indeed it is a pre-planned strategy to collect intelligence for military purposes and it’s also a part of his coercive diplomacy to encircle India by the means of a string of pearls and OBOR project. China has naval bases in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Djibouti, Pakistan by the means of which he has encircled India. China has constructed his naval base in all this country at a very strategic position from where he is not only developing infrastructure and setting up military establishments but also making several efforts with the help of which he can detect all the movements of his opponents. China is undertaking both of these projects not just to contain its neighbour India but also to counter the aggression of the US, Japan, Australia,etc. Since due to the COVID-19 pandemic issue he is already facing the rage of the whole world hence to create an aura of dominance in the region he is undertaking such steps. However, China always denies the fact that he is undertaking this infrastructural work in other countries to counter opponents. Instead of this, he claims it as infrastructural development work for the well-being of those countries. Let’s have a look at how both of these projects’ sole aim is to counter the opponent countries.

The one belt one road (OBOR)initiative-

xi jinping

In the year 2013, China started a so-called development project OBOR to undertake infrastructural development in some countries. But the main motive of China behind undertaking this infrastructural development in other countries was that he wanted to invest that much amount of money in some strategically located country. So that they become unable to return the invested money back and hence by the means of this he will capture some territory to establish his military buildup in that area and also make a burden of huge debts so that the country becomes unable to come out of the trap in a long run. By this initiative, China has made reach to most of the parts of the Asian and African region. By this project, China has made infrastructural development on a large scale in all those countries which surround India. Gradually China is also making its military establishment in all these countries so that if any future conflict arises he can use those establishments for his selfish motives.

The string of pearls initiative-

China calls this as a geopolitical strategy to interlink countries via sea routes to conduct trade activities. But again this is not the main motive of China behind the initiative in fact by this strategy China has encircled India and has made its reach from the South China Sea to Indian ocean and had finished encirclement to the horn of Africa. By a string of pearls strategy China is not only encircling India but also trying to point out the USA and his other rival countries. By the means of this initiative, China is also constructing some artificial islands in several regions to expand its military establishments and to strengthen his presence. For instance of his motive behind this strategy, we can see that China has placed its aircraft carrier at it’s Djibouti military buildup, now it can be clearly analysed that China is not doing this for expanding its trade routes but for his selfish motive to encircle Asian giant India via military buildups.

Now India being a responsible country can’t just see all this conspiracy against him, hence he is also undertaking some initiative to counter these strategies of China. Following are the two initiative which India is undertaking to counter both the above initiatives of China-

The one sun one world one grid (OSOWOG)initiative-

It is an initiative proposed by India to promote the use of clean energy. Under this initiative, India is planning to interlink countries from the South Asian region to the African region in three steps. India by means of this is going to establish solar panels first in the south Asian countries than in West Central Asia and at the end in the African region. This can clearly be understood as a counter activity which in actual means is a true developmental activity parallel OBOR. 

india solar panel
Solar Panel Photovoltaic installation on a Roof, alternative electricity source – Concept Image of Sustainable Resources

Necklace of diamond-

Necklace of diamond is initiative by the side of India to counter the Chinese string of pearls. Under this initiative India has built his naval establishments at the Port Changi in Singapore, Chahbar in Iran, Diago in Gracia and at Duqm in Oman as a counter encirclement of China’s string of pearls so that China will not get succeeded and selfish motives. By the means of this initiative, India is not only going to counter the threats by China’s string of pearls but will also take the real developmental activities so that those countries can also be benefited.

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