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In the midst of ongoing tension between India and China in the Eastern Ladakh region a Lt. general level meeting is proposed between both the countries. But before the commencement of meeting China is threatening India not to join the G7 group in which India’s entry is already definite. But seeking it as a threat, Chinese administration via its governmental news agency global news told that  “The idea of G7 expansion carries geopolitical calculations with an obvious attempt to contain China. The US is keen on roping India is not only because the latter has become the fifth-largest economy in the world, but also because India is considered an important pillar for the US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy. The US has long sought to strengthen India’s role as a counterbalance to China in the Indo-Pacific region. “  

india china tension

Why is China threatening India? 

   Since all the G7 countries wanted India to join G7 not only because of the COVID 19 issue to counter China but also due to the fact that India in the future is going to be one of the most powerful countries. Hence just to make this prominent South Asian power withstanding with them in the near future. Seeking all this scenario as a threat for its policy of expansion and also for its dominant aggression China is giving such types of mouthpiece. Several manufacturing industries are also moving out of China on which China is mainly dependent for its economic growth. 

Should India mind this threat? 

world united against china

  Such statements coming from the Chinese side are going to be limited as a threat only because China is feeling a bit isolated as the majority of the countries are blaming him for the widespread of COVID-19 viruses. Hence China in any way isn’t in favour to welcome any war-like situation in which he will be standing against the major supremacies of the world which too can shift its handicapped economic growth in the worst state. 

    Hence India just has to take care of its farsighted interests and should move in a careful approach to join the modified G7. 

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