IAAS Report- “Most Indians are voting for Biden this US election”

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In the midst of the peak of the US election the CNBC reports claimed that in the early voting phase in which 10.6 million Americans have cast their votes ‘Democratic party is in the lead’, just after this another shocking report to curb the Republican’s anticipation is awaiting President Trump!

As per a report published by IAAS, 72% of Indian Americans have decided to cast their votes for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The report said that 56 per cent of the members of the community strongly identify with the Democratic Party whereas only 15 per cent saw themselves as Republican. Even though Indian Americans comprise slightly more than 1 per cent of the total U.S. population and less than 1 per cent of all registered voters both major parties are leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to this community. Yet, despite the rising political profile of Indian Americans, their political attitudes are woefully understudied.

IAAS conducted the survey on the basis of online responses from 936 Indian-Americans in the first 20 days of September. The report said that 56 per cent of the members of the community strongly identify with the Democratic Party whereas only 15 per cent saw themselves as Republican. In the survey, the Indian voters said that the economy and healthcare in the US are their top two concerns and US-India ties were at the bottom of the list. The data reveals that Indian-American men and women both plan to vote for Biden. Over 69 per cent of women and 68 per cent of prefer Biden over Trump. On the other hand, only 19 per cent of women and 24 per cent of men intend to vote for Trump.

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Before the Presidential elections, the world has witnessed two very big events to show the strength of ties between both the states the one was ‘howdy Modi’ and another one was ‘namaste Trump’. But the political card of the ethnic group to which the Democrats have thrown by nominating Kamala Harris for vice president has tranquillized the collective efforts of Trump with India.
The similar IAAS report en quoted in its report said, India-Americans choose to remain committed to the Democratic Party and thus intend to support Biden. Most Indian-Americans believe that the Democrats will be able to manage US-India ties better. Also, the vice-presidential candidate for the US elections, Kamala Harris who is the first biracial woman (half Indian-half black) to be given a ticket for vice-president in the US has already turned Indian-American community in favour of the democrats.

The report also suggested that Contradicting the emerging narrative, Indian-Americans remain committed to the Democratic Party. Nearly three-quarters of registered Indian-American voters intend to support Joe Biden this Fall, compared to just 22 per cent for Donald Trump, it said. According to the report, Kitchen table issues dominate over foreign policy concerns, Kamala Harris has mobilised Indian-Americans, especially Democrats and political beliefs seep into perceptions of the US-India bilateral relations.

Between 2000 and 2018, the Indian-American population grew by nearly 150 per cent, making it the second-largest immigrant group in America today. The community’s elevated levels of educational attainment and household income render its members valuable campaign contributors and potential mobilisers, it said. And in select swing states, the Indian-American population is larger than the margin of victory that separated Hillary Clinton and Trump in the closely-contested 2016 presidential race, the report noted.

But even after the efforts to attract the Indian votes let’s head to those reasons which clearly suggests why the American Indians are Choosing Biden.

  • Indian Americans remain solidly with the Democratic Party. Recent anecdotal narratives notwithstanding, there is scant evidence that Democratic voters are defecting toward Trump and the Republican Party. Seventy-two per cent of registered Indian American voters plan to vote for Biden and 22 per cent intend to vote for Trump in the 2020 November election.
  • Indian Americans do not consider U.S.-India relations to be one of the principal determinants of their vote choice in this election. The economy and healthcare are the two most important issues influencing the vote choice of Indian Americans, although supporters of the two parties differ on key priorities. “Kitchen table” issues dominate over foreign policy concerns.
  • U.S.-born Indian American citizens tilt left compared to foreign-born citizens. While both U.S.-born and naturalized Indian Americans favour the Democratic Party, this tilt is more pronounced for U.S.-born Indian Americans. Political participation by naturalized citizens is more muted, however, manifesting in lower rates of voter turnout and weaker partisan identification.
  • Harris has mobilized Indian Americans, especially Democrats. Harris’s vice-presidential candidacy has galvanized a large section of the Indian American community to turn out to vote. On balance, while the Harris pick might not change large numbers of votes (given the community’s historic Democratic orientation), her candidacy is linked to greater enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket.
  • A large section of Indian Americans views the Republican Party as unwelcoming. Indian Americans refrain from identifying with the Republican Party due, in part, to a perception that the party is intolerant of minorities and overly influenced by Christian evangelicalism. Those who identify as Republicans are primarily moved to do so because of economic policy differences with the Democrats—with particularly marked differences regarding healthcare.
  • Political beliefs seep into perceptions of U.S.-India bilateral relations. Indian Americans believe Democrats do a better job of managing U.S.-India ties by a considerable margin while Republicans hold more favourable views of Modi.

Notably, in the 2016 US election, 77 per cent voted for former US Secretary Hillary Clinton, and 16 per cent voted for Trump. In 2012, as many as 84 per cents of Indian-Americans voted for Barack Obama. Thus it can clearly be said that any such survey will not affect the voter’s choice, to a great extent because Indians have always shown their inclination towards democrats. However, a survey by Indiaspora and Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) also suggested that ‘Trump’s popularity among Indian-American voters has increased from 16% in 2016 to 28% in 2020. However, 66% of Indian-Americans still favour Biden over Trump, while 6% are undecided.’Which makes it furthermore clear that this kind of research had a neutral connection with the voting procedure and the candidate which will be efficient and takes National interests as his topmost priority will ace the results.

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