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On the ongoing strained scenario after the heading of lieutenant General level peace talks, the opposition lobby demanded to release some press release by which the citizens of the country can make a positive opinion of theirs regarding the ongoing standoff issues. On which the Indian ministry of external affairs(MEA) released a document which stated that both the sides have decided to resolve the matter peacefully. But these lobbies kept opposing the statements by MEA and further argued that this statement released by the ministry is very superficial and they have no mention of the places where the conflicts are ongoing. i.e. Galwan valley, Pangong Tso lake and hot spring area.  

Why is the opposition arguing? 

The opposition is claiming that when the ruling government was busy in resolving the matter in the Pangong Tso lake region at that time Chinese have intruded in the region of Galway valley, the opposition’s statement didn’t stop over here they continued by saying that the Chinese side has also built a metal road in the Galway valley region and have reached to a very strategic position from where they can check the connectivity of the Indian side to the Karakoram pass. Adding to this they also said that this metalled road is constructed in the region which comes under Indian territory i.e. in the strategic Durbuk-Shyok-Daulet Beg Oldi (DSDBO) link, on the basis of this they are also claiming that somehow India is losing from China not only by strategic point of view but by geographical point of view as well. 

India china conflict

Has India lost its territory? 

    When opposition strongly took objection of that superficial statements by army then on the evening of 10th of June the official news agency of India ANI tweeted that- 

india chjina border

On the basis of this, it can be concluded that both the parties have decided to resolve the conflict by mutual peace talks. The statements coming from the Chinese side are also pointing out in the same directions. 

india china

Hence without getting confirmation from any official source all these statements can’t be claimed that India has lost its territory to Chinese.  

What can be the possible solution of this problem? 

  • It is a well-known thing that China has a policy of expansion of territory hence to resolve this problem a consensus from both sides has to be made by both the mutual talks on diplomatic, political and military channels. Since the same kind of talk is going on right now hence in the near future we can expect that a permanent solution can be brought up regarding this problem but that too is a very hard task whose probability is very close to nil. 
  • Another solution regarding this problem is that the line of control at several points is not marketed well hence it is a very mandatory thing to resolve this problem to suppress the possibility of any conflict in the future. 

    At the end, one thing has to be ascertained that China is undertaking such activities just to shift the concentration of the international authorities from its controversial role in the spread of coronavirus and not to bring its internal issues of Hong Kong and Taiwan to a global friend. 

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