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On the night of 9th of June, a rumour spread in the territory of Karachi in Pakistan due to which the area also witnessed a blackout. This misunderstanding arose when by some locals the sorties of Pakistani Jets mistakenly assumed as of the Indian one and a trend in the social media spread like wildfire. When these rumours reached Pakistani officials some instant sorties seen in the sky of Karachi which further created a sense of fear amongst locals. 

    A Pakistani journalist named Wajahat Kazmi also tweeted

Indian jets in karachi

This tweet from a renowned Pakistani journalist further frightened people. This myth busted social media on both sides of LOC.  

Do Indian Jets really fly to Karachi? 

The Indian officials have denied any activity of this kind conducted by Indian Jets. Pakistani officials have also denied this news as an authentic one. However, after this incident, the officials of both the sides have claimed that a ceasefire violation has been witnessed near the border areas but given the authenticity of such sorties is denied from both the sides. In the midst of all these on the morning of 10th of June, some Indian news channels also claimed this news as an authentic one by giving instances of some sources of theirs. 

    However, the citizens on both sides took this golden opportunity to criticize each other. And a trend regarding the sorties over Karachi sky brought the flood of tweets. Some Indians tweeted about Pakistan-


And from Pakistan side the following tweet came-

Indian jets in karachi

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