Looking past Trump, only shows how important his change was (in context of US election 2020)!

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You really only can appreciate President Trump when you look past Trump and see the issues which face the world and that President Trump’s drastic departure from traditional U.S. policy was actually needed.  Joe Biden, could not have done any better managing COVID-19 than President Trump, as it was the Obama Administration which left absolutely no real supplies of N95 Masks for a crisis. The Trump Administration and the CDC both covered for this, by curbing fear initially and full well knowing they could not provide masks for everyone. They would supply them to health care workers, and even here they simply did not have enough. China not had bought out the world supply in December 2019.  In fact, the reality is that there was no way on Earth that any nation could have successfully barricaded itself from the Wuhan Virus. China had concealed the true nature of the outbreak and the duration of time it had known about it. While at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis it seemed probable that China had been caught off guard by the crisis, later information shows that the Virus not only originated in China but was around perhaps since 2012 and an incident in a Chinese mine document the exposure of 9 Chinese miners to Bat droppings. They would all perish, and the Virus recovered from them was taken to the Wuhan Virus Research Facility. What happened after this, can be understood as the Virus was studied and then accidentally either released or altered. What is very clear is that it should not simply be believed that the Wuhan Virus came from another source as China’s Communist Party as suggested. The pattern of infection would have been different. While Biden holds President Trump accountable for the Virus he seems not to hold China to the same standard.

Kamala Harris, stated that the U.S. trade war with China has been largely unsuccessful, this is statement is not based on fact. Though the trade war hurt the markets and caused the price of many items to go up, it did send a message. Why should the U.S. tolerate not having manufacturing in its own borders? The fact is the U.S. actually built China, because of the Nixon-Kissinger Doctrine which I believe was very misguided. As all it did was ensure the survival of the Chinese Communist Regime and did absolutely nothing to bring the fall of the Soviet Union. In fact, China’s Communists had been against the Detente which the Soviet Union engaged in with the West. It was this movement which had its beginnings in the late 1950s that actually split the Communist World, and the economic windfall for China only ensured that a Chinese Communist Party which had failed completely to lift Chinese living standards on its own, could claim by the 1990s that it had brilliance up its sleeves.

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The future of the U.S. rests on how it will deal with China going forward. Biden has not shown any vision on this subject. While Trump moved away from the traditional Republican view of China, Biden sees no harm from the Clinton Era embrace of China and looking the other way as China took U.S. ballistic technology and changed the balance of power in Asia and now in the world. Sadly, the COVID-19 Virus which has originated in China like the other two Novel Virus outbreaks this century is actually helping China Geopolitically. It has attacked the Indian Border once more, causing the death of Indian Soldiers. It has attacked Democracy in Asia by doing so, and this again is nothing new. China has manipulated the supply of global P.P.E. equipment and used this as a Geopolitical tool. And, its allies North Korea and Pakistan have become increasingly aggressive. The recent escalation of tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia is an example of this. As Pakistan has sent fighters there to support Azerbaijan, these are fighters who will become more radicalized and fight on the basis of religious ideology, not secular interest. At the same time, China imprisons Uyghurs in mass detention facilities for even expressing their Muslim faith, the idea is very clear. China will not hesitate to use radicals to further its own interests in democratic nations like India, but it will not allow any dissent in its own sphere and Pakistan will willingly support its atheist agenda there.

Uyghur Internment Camps

There are clear double standards emerging in the world. President Donald Trump, though not being perfect is judged one way, but others who have broken far more laws are not. Democratic funding should be looked far more closely than it is. Hillary Clinton had hard drives erased and installed her own servers, she was given a nod by the F.B.I. for having done nothing unusual. Whatever those emails contained will never be known publicly. The U.S.S.R. was a natural counterbalance to China. And, Russia has been isolated and become dependent on China because of sanctions. U.S. foreign policy has to be better than this. Constantly accusing Trump of wrongdoing has become more a way of life than an objective. While I will not say I support President Trump on many issues, there are points where things should be analyzed. President Trump, with all his faults, did attempt to balance the trade deficit with China. He could have done it better by not proclaiming it, but it had to be done at some point. He attempted to not scare the U.S. into complete shut down with COVID-19. Nations which did shut down completely did not fair better as the Virus just picked up after the shutdown, and the economic damage was worse. He is polarizing and he may not even mean to be this way, but that is how he comes across. The issues however will remain long after, and the right decisions have to be made. Some of the actions President Trump took cannot be simply dismissed as having been wrong, for he took action on fronts long ignored.

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