“Pakistan will have to evacuate POK soon”- India

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The irony-

Yesterday we have seen the hypocrisy of how human rights violaters were elected to the boards of the UN human rights council. Genocide in Xinjiang, persecution in Tibet, crackdown in Hong Kong, forced ethnic assimilation in inner Mongolia and what not become negligible and front of China’s capital power had took him to the boards of the council which used to work against all such inhumane acts.

In between all these the bootlickers of China also got the opportunity to incline the election procedure towards their side as well one of the prominent names in this biased seat winners list is ‘Pakistan’, who has already been declared as the epicentre of terrorism by the same body UN.

Pakistan The Epicenter Of Terrorism-

On the same day in the meeting of Commonwealth leaders as well Pakistan tried to propagate its fake propaganda again. In the virtual meeting Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, pointing to Kashmir, alleged that a country in South Asia fostered radical nationalism for illegally making demographic changes in the disputed region. Indirectly without uttering the name, their target was clear, they were targeting India for whom he is preparing his arsenal from decades to expand its feet of terror. But to not let Pakistan propagate its fake propaganda India took it straight-handedly handmade counter-allegations over Pakistan.

On these usual slangs, India reprimanded Pakistan, saying that it “pretends” to be suffering from terrorism, while itself being a promoter of state-sponsored terrorism. Without naming Pakistan directly, India said that the neighbouring country is the ‘focal point of terrorism’ and that there is a large number of terrorists who have been banned by the United Nations.

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The witty reply to the terrorist uncle ‘Pakistan’

At the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Commonwealth countries, Swarup Foreign Minister S.K. Was representing Jaishankar.Swaroop said, ‘When we heard him saying about a country in South Asia, we wondered why he is telling himself like this? And it is not surprising that it is saying a country which the world knows as a promoter of state-sponsored terrorism which pretends to be suffering from terrorism itself.

He said, ‘We heard it from a country that massacred its own people 49 years ago.’ Swaroop said that this is the only country which has the title of being the ‘focal point’ of terrorism and which keeps a large number of terrorists who have been banned by the United Nations. He said, “A country that professes the discourse of the rights of religious minorities elsewhere Whereas he himself crushes the rights of the minorities here and he has, sadly, abused this platform directly. “

‘Pakistan will leave POK soon’

India said, “The only dispute that it has accused of ‘disputed territory’ today is that it has illegally occupied some parts which have to be evacuated today or tomorrow.” It also attacked Pakistan for violating the rights of the minorities of our country.

The different point of view

On the way both the countries were speaking, it can clearly be analysed that, what was their intention behind joining the meeting and what they really think.
The Pakistani representative Qureshi said in his address that the world is fighting the corona-virus pandemic, At the same time, a country in South Asia is targeting religious minorities by spreading division and hatred among communities. At the same time, Swaroop spoke about India’s assistance to various countries in dealing with covid-19 And said that the world is battling on the economic and social level due to the pandemic and in such times the values ​​and principles of the Commonwealth have become more relevant.

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