Why is China using Nepal for India Nepal Conflict and how will Nepal end up being the next Tibbet!!!

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When India is fighting with the Wuhan virus and is continuously heading to top a tally which he never wanted to do. Multiple fronts are knocking the door to further test the mettle India had. India this time is facing the strain by its most beloved friend Nepal. When India-Nepal’s relations are already straining due to the new map issue which claims Indian territory another unexpected action from Nepal is breaking the hearts of millions of Indian. Speaking frankly the India Nepal conflict is being guided by China and let’s see how!

What is the whole issue?

nepal police firing at indian people

It was the day of 12th of June 2020, when a farmer working in India went to meet his family on the border between India and Nepal on a no man’s land. When the Nepal border guarding force saw these people they told them to move away from the border. Since these people were meeting in a field hence these people refused to do so. Parallel to this the forces decided to charge lathi to move these people away from no man’s land. Between these people working nearby or live nearby came to that place and they too grinded in the action of the police. When the whole scenario got heated up the border guarding force of Nepal started firing in which a person got killed and four other injured and got hospitalized and news also came that the forces also caught a person and took him along with them.

The multiple fronts.

When the condition due to Wuhan virus in the country is very critical the Indian security force is continuously retaliating the threats on LOC and also in Kashmir, subsequently the Chinese intrusions are going on from the month of May aren’t completely resolved now and the relations with Nepal are getting bitter from the day it has claimed Indian territory. This unexpected bittersweet seeking a need to have a ceasefire which can be a nightmare for both friends. All these analogically created fronts seem pre-planned. 

Who is behind this India Nepal conflict?

india nepal conflict

The present conditions are pointing towards a single counterpart who is having several reasons to do so. It is none other than China. China this time is trapping our most beloved friend Nepal. By taking advantage of the Communist ruling party China is trying to head Nepal to make another Tibet. Hence one thing can be clearly stated over here is that it is not Nepal who is undertaking such things but he is doing so on behest of China. Prior this, relation between both the countries never got this much bitter and by doing such pro Pakistan activities Nepal is getting nothing else than nil. It’s not only about bilateral relations between both the countries but this inhumane act where things can be sorted peacefully can malign Nepal’s image globally. Kathmandu should have to understand that Beijing betrays everyone hence it shouldn’t burn the stairs of his future progress just for some temporary pleasure.

Why is China doing this?

So now the question arises that why is China doing this. The answer to this is simple and can be stated as the policy of China to extend its territory to other countries. India has been its only challenge in the southern part of Asia in its motive to control this part and also to have control over the Indian Ocean. It has been trying to remove India as its challenger but has not been able to do so. It has done so many aggressive activities in the past. For example it is challenging India in the Ladakh region and extending its territory by using Pakistan as its tool. It has given Sri Lanka a huge amount of loan and in turn is using it to challenge India in the southern part. Till now the only left country to use was Nepal and now due to the Communist government in Nepal it is taking the advantage and challenging India.

Why now?

Next question that could arise is why China has become aggressive all of a sudden. So to answer this question let us have a look at the current situation. Almost all the major countries of the world are busy in fighting the deadly COVID-19. And India is one of those countries. China wants to take advantage of this situation and is creating disturbances on the military front. The second reason is the ongoing conflict between the USA and China. India has been in very good relation with the US in the time being. And if a war-like situation arises between both the countries in the upcoming future, India will definitely let the US use the Indian Ocean as one of its military bases in order to counter China. Thus China is in desperate need to have control over the Indian Ocean before any such situation comes.

corona virus from china

The third reason for the same is that most of the countries are planning to move their industries out of China and India is the best contender where they can move. And the industries are also eyeing for the same due to the ease of doing business that the government is providing to them in last few years under the Modi government. This can be a huge loss to China as it is currently the manufacturing hub of the world. If the industries move out of China and shift to India, the status of manufacturing hub will be given to India and this will be a loss to China economy too. Thus, it wants to divert India from such plans by creating chaos on the LAC and the Nepal front.

What will Nepal gain from this?

Speaking of the role of Nepal in all this, it is only being used as a puppet by China. In the last, it will land becoming the next Tibbet according to the Chinese plan. As known to the world, China is of no-one. It uses the small countries for its advantage and then takes control of them. Nepal needs to understand this that they are merely a puppet in a big game being played by China and at last they will gain nothing and will lose its own identity.

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